Ecuador Finca Maputo
Variety Typica
Process Washed
Altitude 1350 masl
Harvest June - Oct
Flavours Milk Chocolate l Brazil Nut l Orange

Finca Maputo is a farm and mill owned and operated by Henry Gaibor and his wife, Verena, who also oversee the daily operations of Rancho Tio Emilio, as well as Finca Hakuna Matata.

Together, they are doing everything right when it comes to picking, processing, and drying coffees. The Gaibors grow several different varieties, which are clearly divided and marked on their properties: They grow Typica, Bourbon, SL-28, Sidra, Kaffa, and Caturra.

The farm is located in La Perla, Nanegal, which is in the province of Pichincha, relatively close to the border of Colombia. The area where the farms are located has a very specific microclimate: Even though it's relatively low altitude for Ecuador around 1350 meters, humidity is high and a visitor often sees mist covering the coffee fields in the afternoons. It becomes much cooler at night, as well, and the unique combination of characteristics give their coffees a very special quality.

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