Seth Taylor: Coffee By Design is a high quality specialty coffee roaster offering ethically sourced, carefully roasted coffee with transparent sourcing and complete customization of roast profile tailored to your needs.

In 2008 I started by helping out at a roastery in Victoria, BC bagging coffee. This is where I fell in love with coffee. Next thing I knew we won the 2010 Canadian Barista Championship! Then onto judging competitions and training competitors in both England and Canada for a few years.

In 2013 I moved back to my home town of Toronto, ON and started working for another roaster with a focus on revamping their roasting program and learning the green buying trade. BAM! We were crowned Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine in 2015.

I have taken all the experience and knowledge gained over my roughly ten years in coffee and I have put that into my new adventure. Now, I focus on sourcing excellent coffees from around the world and roasting them with passion and a desire to showcase the hard work of the farmers.