Brazil Café da Lalá

Variety Red Catuaí
Process Natural
Altitude 1300 masl
Harvest Sep - Oct
Flavours Blueberry l Watermelon l Strawberry

It’s back again!! We were able to secure more of the current crop and we are beyond excited.

The Sodré Family is setting a strong example for the farmers in their area. Focusing on the human and environmental side of coffee production while also increasing quality year after year. Investing in the farm and in the people is equal.

This lot was produced by Lalá and her daughter Luana. Attention to detail has brought forward intense fruit notes and a ton of sweetness.

From the Importer:
It’s been 25 years since Josimar Augusto Sodré started living on that piece of land inherited from her family in the small town of Alto Jequitibá. Popular among her neighbours and family because of her passion for coffee, she known as Lalá, and her farm is called “Café da Lalá”.
She is a single mother of three girls. The oldest is Janaina at 26 years old, the youngest is Larissa at 20. The middle daughter is Luana age 23, and besides her job as a mathematics teacher, she is helping Lalá the most with the coffee production.
In 2016, Lala and Luana, motivated by working with specialty coffee, decided to get together with two other families of women farmers in the area to produce their first 10 bags of high end specialty. It was at this time that FAF met the women producing coffee in Alto Jequitiba. FAF now works with multiple farms in the area and has  started a project called The Women of the Valley to grow the number of women farmers in the area.
Coffee plants in Sítio Café da Lalá are all located above 1200MASL. They are hand picked and slowly dried in covered raised bed. They don’t make use of any chemicals in their harvest.
Nowadays, in Alto Jequitiba, there are more than 80 families, that, inspired by Luana and Lala, started to focus their production in specialty coffees. 
“Producing specialty coffees made our families get united. It is very hard to describe, but it brought us motivation. A family formed by women”
- Lalá Sodré


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