Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Meneguetti Family
Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Meneguetti Family Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Meneguetti Family

Variety Red Catuaí
Process Pulped Natural
Altitude 1300 masl
Harvest Sep - Oct
Flavours Pear l Chamomile l Honey
Ok. This is not your usual Brazilian coffee. It's from a regional called Espírito Santo and all of my absolutely favourite Brazilian coffees come from here. The climate in this area reminds me of Central America as does the selective picking and slow careful drying processes.
The flavour and mouthfeel of this lot reminds me of a Gesha varietal. It's round and chewy with lots of florals and a soft pear flavour underneath. It's delicate and big at the same time. 
From the Importer:
Florentino’s farm has a great terroir for coffee. 50% of the farm’s area is covered with rain forest. The climate is balanced, water is abundant and the nature feels vigorous and alive. It makes us think about Central America.
Florentino has been concerned with the environmental issues more and more each year. He is planting native trees as a way of increasing organic matter in the soil, helping his coffee plants nutrition, and also making a bit of shade for some plots.
He believes his family's quality of life has increased a lot since he started to think about his farm as part of the environment. You can actually feel the air is clean and fresh as soon as you enter his gate.
As the temperature in this region is below the average of the other coffee regions, the coffee fruits take longer to get ripe, and Florentino together with his family have more time to dedicate to selective picking. 
Sítio Rancho Dantas is located in Brejetuba, Espírito Santo, and was founded by Firmino Meneguetti.
Born in 1921, Sir Firmino planted the first Coffee tree fifty seven years ago. By those times the economical and environmental conditions were not very good. Firmino started from scratch, with some small lots, that were only enough to sell and support a small wooden house where he used to live with his family. But with his increasing effort each year, things started to get better, the family started to get bigger, and they also had a chance to construct better house.
It was only ten years ago that one of his sons, Florentino, got involved with the coffee plantations and figured out that a small part of their product was good to be sold in the specialty market. Since then an average of 30 bags of really high end coffee is produced at Rancho Dantas. Each year they get better.
He plants mostly Catucai 785, Caturra, Red and Yellow Catuaí in his farm.
Espírito Santo is located in the South East Coast of Brazil. His property is 70km away from the sea. The humidity that comes from the sea influences a lot in the way they process the coffees. The weather is very cold and there is a big amount of rains through out the harvest. 
Because of that almost 100% of his production is focused on Pulped Natural coffees. They are all dried in raised beds and because of the cold and weather, the coffees can stay drying for up to 40 days.
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