Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Bermond Family
Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Bermond Family Brazil Sítio Rancho Dantas - Bermond Family

Variety Red Catuaí
Process Pulped Natural
Altitude 1100 masl
Harvest Sep - Oct
Flavours Red Currant l Brown Sugar l Rose
Fruity, sweet and floral. This coffee is a nicely balanced, easy drinking lot. It tastes great as espresso and on filter. It’s a crowd pleaser. 

Brazil is hitting it hard this year. This is the third lot we’ve brought in and it’s the one I’m most excited about! 
From the Importer:

The coffees from Espírito Santo are unique in terms of Brazilian coffees. With the moisture formed on the coast sticking in these mountains, the humidity levels are constantly high making the nights cold and the days as well. The rocky, mineral soil creates for clean crisp and high acidity forward coffees that have a floral touch. FAF's tasters liken the region to (Colombia meets Kenya) in terms of coffee sensory profiles.

​Francisco Bermond's farm Sitio Rancho Dantas is located here. This area has perhaps the best example of the Espirito Santo unique terroir. Surrounded by lots of forest, adding to the richness of his soil and cool weather, his coffees have a bright acidity and a classic brown sugar taste.

Rancho Dantas is one of the most westward peaks in the Mountains of Espirito Santo Region making it the concentration of costal clouds and condensation. This higher humidity keeps the air cool providing a unique microclimate from other Brazilian coffee producing regions provoking coffee nerds to exclaim upon smelling, sniffing and slurping this coffee, 'Hey! This does not taste like a Brazil!'
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