Colombia Alta Mira INZA CUP #4
Variety Castillo
Process Washed
Altitude 1700 masl
Harvest Oct - Mar
Flavours Green Grape l Tamarind l Passionfruit
The Inza Cup is back! We are excited to offer Inza Cup Winning coffees for a second year in a row. Inza is a small region in Cauca, Colombia. This competition awards the top ten coffees from this region specialty pricing to incentivize better farm and processing practices.
Elmer Rodrigo Pencue owns a 0.75-hectare farm he calls Alta Mira. He has about 3,000 Castillo variety coffee trees. The coffee is depulped and fermented for 26 hours before being washed and dried in parabolic driers for 8 days.
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