Colombia Buena Vista
Variety Caturra
Process Washed
Altitude 1720 masl
Harvest Oct - Dec
Flavours Cherry l Chocolate l Raspberry

This is the jack of all trades. Great as espresso. Great as pour over. Great pretty much any way you want to brew it. It's fruity and chocolatey but has some nice acidity to keep things interesting. Turning into my go-to morning brew real fast.

From the Importer:
Deimar Galindez Acosta grows Caturra variety on 1 hectare in Salado Blanco, Huila, where he is careful to harvest the coffee when it ripens to bright red and has a Brix reading of about 18 °Bx. The coffee is fermented in its cherry for 12–14 hours before being depulped and fermented again in a cement tank for 16 more hours. The coffee gets washed three times before being spread in parabolic dryers, and dried for 8–12 days.

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