Colombia Finca Los Pinos



Variety Various
Process Washed
Altitude  14 -2000 masl
Harvest Year Round
Flavours Sugarcane l Milk Chocolate l Orange


I don't have a lot of info on this gem but when I tasted it I knew it needed to be a part of the family. This is a high quality coffee. It is sweet, like sugarcane juice sweet. And chocolatey, like creamy milk chocolatey. It is smooth and easy and it has this soft acidity that reminds me of eating an orange. I do love a good washed Colombian coffee and this one hits the spot first thing in the morning when I'm just waking up and I don't want to be challenged...yet.

From the importer, Cafe Imports:

Colombia is best-known for its Washed coffees. While the processing details might vary slightly from farm to farm or by association, generally the coffee is picked ripe and depulped the same day, then given an open-air fermentation in tanks or buckets for anywhere between 12–36 hours. The coffee is washed clean of its mucilage before being dried either on patios, in parabolic dryers, solar driers, or mechanically. Some Washed coffees in Colombia are mechanically demucilaged.

Antioquia, located in northwest Colombia, is an extremely important region for coffee production. The daytime temperature averages 80° year-round, the nights are cool, the land is lush with forest and wildlife, and two of the Andes mountain ranges cut straight through the region. All of these factors contribute to the region consistently being among the top two of all Colombian regions in coffee production. Many small producers are scattered throughout the mountains, utilizing 50% of the arable land in the region for cultivating coffee. 


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