Colombia Gaitania DECAF
Colombia Gaitania DECAF Colombia Gaitania DECAF

Variety Castillo/Caturra/Colombia/Typica
Process Washed
Altitude 1600 - 2000 masl
Harvest Oct - Dec
Flavours Dark Chocolate l Fig l Black Tea


No one should have to settle for mediocre decaf. Decaf should be great!! We at STCBD truly believe that the decaf drinker should be able to enjoy a superior cup of coffee and it is our mission to bring you that coffee. 

This coffee was decaffeinated without the use of chemical solvents by Swiss Water in BC. The coffee soaks in a green coffee extract that removes caffeine from the beans. The extract then passes through activated carbon filters that remove the caffeine from the extract and this process continues until the beans are 99.9% caffeine free.

From the Importer:

This blend comes from an association of independent producers (The ASCI’SP Cooperative) in the municipality of Planadas in the southern part of Tolima, Colombia. Specifically, it comes from the Nasa Wes’x indigenous community of Gaitania, a community rich in history and coff­ee. The original inhabitants of this region were Paez, Pijao, and Nasa indigenous nations. Before the 2016 peace accord signed by the Colombian government with FARC, Gaitania had the important designation of being the only community in the country to hold any sort of official peace agreement with the armed forces, signed by the Nasa Wes’x people in 1996. Due to this monumental accord, thousands of lives were saved and much of the local landscape and environment were preserved.

The coff­ees that comprise this blend are all certified organic and are from several fincas throughout Gaitania. After the cherries were carefully hand-selected for ripeness, they remained intact for 24 hours after which they were de-pulped, washed and fermented for another 24 hours, then washed again, and lastly put out to dry on raised beds and marquesinas (parabolic dryers).

Our Small Batch Colombia Gaitania is made up of Castillo, Caturra, Colombia & Typica varieties grown between 1,600–2,000 meters above sea level. It is fully washed and certified Organic.

Imported by Swiss Water
Price in USD 4.70/lb
Number of bags purchased 1
 Our Score 87.5