Colombia La Cocha

Variety Caturra
Process Washed
Altitude 1900 masl
Harvest Oct - Dec
Flavours Chocolate l Hazelnut l Raisin


From the importer, Apex Coffee:

Wilson's farm is near the own of Arboleda and is located in one of the most dangerous parts of Narino. Illicit crops like coca are common win violence, corruption and intimidation-an unfortunate reality of this area. La Coca has a 40-year tradition of growing coffee but It has only been 3 years since Wilson's coffee has been separated as a micro-lol.

With the help of our partners at origin as well as the higher premiums paid to smallholders in the area, a brave group of farmers like Wilson continue to grow coffee in spite of these difficult circumstances. Because of Wilson's perseverance, his coffee continues to be a great example of a terroir-driven, minimal intervention coffee that showcases incredibly clean, sweet, and elegant flavours.

Wilson and his wife Claudia are continuing to evolve their coffee growing techniques with the assistance of the specialty coffee premiums that they have received from working with Apex. They have added a new covered raised bed structure to help with drying, and started a recycling program to reduce the amount of waste that is being generated.

The processing for this lot begins when ripe coffee cherries are selected for
processing. They are washed and soaked in a tank of clean water to remove floaters
and impurities before depulping. Afterwards, the coffees are left in clean sacks to
ferment for 72 hours. Finally, the coffees are rinsed and transferred to covered raised
beds to dry for a period of 23 - 25 days.

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