Colombia Llano Grande
Variety Colombia
Process Washed
Altitude 1800 masl
Harvest April - July
Flavours Cherry l Milk Chocolate l Grapefruit

This is what I call balance in both flavour and tactile qualities. It has deep chocolate sweetness with a big body. It has juicy cherry flavours wtih a round mouthfeel. Combined with a bright grapefruit acidity that lingers on the finish to balance it all out nicely.

From the importer:

Carolina Caballero owns Llano Grande farm, where 0.25 hectare is planted with Colombia variety coffee, only 600 trees. After picking ripe, the coffee is given a double fermentation: first in a hopper in its cherry, then in a fermentation tank after depulping. The total fermentation time is 30 hours before washing, and then the coffee is spread on a patio for 15 days.


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