Brazil Heringer Family

Variety Yellow Catucaí
Process Natural
Altitude 1300 masl
Harvest Sep - Oct
Flavours Guava l Pineapple l Passion Fruit

Some of the best Brazilian coffees I have ever tasted come from the Heringer Family. After visiting Fernando a few years back it has been my mission to work with him each year. It has been amazing to be a part of his journey and I'm stoked to bring his coffee to Canada. This lot is a crazy clean natural. It's Fruity & Fun, loaded with tropical fruit flavours. This is not your typical Brazilian coffee.

From the Importer:

Sitio Vista Alegre are two small farms by the same name. One is run by uncle Walter Heringer and the other by nephew Fernando Heringer. We took their best lots and blended together to make this coffee. These farms are on the western wall of the Pico da Bandeira National Park. Their farms are at very high altitudes but tucked in neatly into the mountain side in a way that their coffee trees have some protection from the wind. The picking here is done selectively and the drying is meticulous on raised beds. This region has always had high potential but not many farmers doing good practices, these to bucked the trend. They are some of the highest quality producers in Caparaó for sure, their attention to detail and dedication to quality is special.


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