Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

It is important to keep the movement going. We have teamed up with Forward Coffee to raise $1000 for Black Lives Matter.

It’s simple. You get a 200g bag of an exceptional coffee. The coffee is a double process, steel tank natural & washed, red bourbon from Daterra in Brazil.

$20 of every bag sold will be donated to BLM. There are 50 x 200g bags available.

We also wanted to support the Black arts community and we think we found the perfect fit.

Heroes of the World is a project created by two Canadian artists, Mark Williams and Joe Bonsu assisted by their business manager, Shawn Cuffie. It involves the creation of superheroes from around the world, placing each superhero in a different country and emphasizing the importance of unity through diversity in their artwork.

Each order will receive a collectable 4x6 print of the Heroes from the country where the coffee was grown. This coffee will come with a print of the Heroes from Brazil! $5 from each bag goes directly to Heroes of the World.

We have plans to introduce exciting new coffees from different countries as this campaign unfolds, each with its own Collectable Heroes of The World Print and each donating to Black Lives Matter.

Bags are priced at $35 with $20 going to BLM, $5 going to HOTW and $10 to cover shipping costs.

Thank you for your support

Together we are strong

Black Lives Matter