Variety Various Varieties
Process Red Honey Process
Altitude 1350 - 1890 masl
Blackberry l Dark Chocolate l White Peach


No one should have to settle for mediocre decaf. Decaf should be great!! We truly believe that the decaf drinker should be able to enjoy a superior cup of coffee and it is our mission to bring you that coffee.  

The Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio provides a great service to the Cajamarca region of Peru. They are learning and introducing new coffee processing methods to the farmers in the area. This Red Honey Processed lot is one of those new processing methods they have introduced. It involves leaving a good amount of mucilage on the seed during drying resulting in a Warm & Welcoming coffee.

From the Importer:

Our newest Small Batch Series offering comes from the San Ignacio
province at the top of the Cajamarca region in northern Peru, where the Rio Canchis splits the country from Ecuador. The participating farms are smallholder members of the Cooperativa Agraria Frontera San Ignacio, or COOPAFSI, an organization focused on providing coffee collection, microfinance, and marketing services to its members. The cooperative first formed in 1968, with the mission of helping further competitive, sustainable agriculture “with a sense of belonging and entrepreneurial capacity” for all involved.

Farms within the San Ignacio chapter of COOPAFSI are located in the bu er zones of environmentally protected areas, and must operate with particular sensitivity to their natural landscape. This means working with organic methodologies and certifications to ensure a commitment to protection of wildlife and native species. Local creatures that inhabit these areas include spectacled bears, cock-of-the-rocks, jaguars, and tapirs—hence the tapir’s appearance in the name of this special coffee.


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