Costa Rica Allan Oveido
Costa Rica Allan Oveido Costa Rica Allan Oveido Costa Rica Allan Oveido

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Variety SL-28
Process White Honey
Altitude 1550 - 1650 masl
Harvest Dec - Mar
Flavours Green Grape/Pink Grapefruit/Brown Sugar

SL-28 is my favourite varietal. There. I said it. Deep sweets & fruit forward flavour combined with bright acidity make this varietal a standout for me. Originating in Kenya this varietal was produced by Scott Laboratories to have a vibrant phosphoric acidity and they did a fantastic job!!
This particular lot is grown in the West Valley in Costa Rica by Allan Oveido. Using the White Honey Process Allan’s attention to detail allows this coffee to really shine, staying true to the SL-28 heritage while adding a little something from the tradition honey process method found in Costa Rica. 

From the importer:

Allan Oveido, the proprietor of this mill does an exceptional job with Honey processing and does very clean Natural coffees. Every season that we visit, he seems to have new innovations at the mill and new upgrades as far as infrastructure goes! That's exactly what we want to see when we visit year after year!

In the past few years, Allan has struggled with proximity to the Poas Volcano in the West Valley, and thus has seen a vast decrease in yields. We've been working with Allan since 2015 and continue to support him through the environmental difficulties he's encountered.

On the 12 hectares of land which he produces coffee, about 8 hectares were affected by the volcano through spurts of ash. The 4 remaining hectares produce some exceptional SL28 and Typica.


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