Costa Rica Sol Naciente Red Honey

Variety Catuaí
Process Red Honey
Altitude 1750 masl
Harvest Nov - Mar
Flavours Red Apple l Milk Chocolate l Caramel


Sol Naciente in the house!!

I have worked with Arturo in the past and his coffee is exceptional. He runs a small farm with his family in the Dota Valley in Terrazu. He is a master of the Honey Process drying on raised beds in greenhouses controlIng airflow, temperature & humidity. 

The Honey Process involves removing the seed from the coffee fruit, coffee is a fruit that grows like a cranberry, but leaving a portion of the mucilage behind. The amount of mucilage and the drying conditions determine the final outcome of the Honey Process that we define by the use of colours.

Black Honey has the most mucilage left on the seed while drying. Red Honey and Yellow Honey follow respectively reducing the amount of mucilage until White Honey where almost no mucilage is left on the seed. 

The Red Honey is sweet and fruity like eating a Caramel Apple. Plus it’s got this beautiful mouthfeel and Milk Chocolate note that make it super enjoyable to drink.

From Arturo:

In our first year, something jumped on my back, when I noticed note that it was a green frog, the frog is endangered, that motivated me to keep working our coffee so environmentally friendly until today, and we feel happy when we see our farm full of animals, full of life.

The area of the farm where the honey processing has more fruit trees and luminosity, this helps to achieve more photosynthesis process that is combined in nutrients, this leads to the honey process they develop is more sweet and add more complexity in the cup.


Imported by Forward Coffee
Price in CDN 7.58/lb
Number of bag purchased 10
Score  87