Brazil Edivaldo Cunha

Variety Catuaí & Arara
Process Washed
Altitude 1150 masl
Harvest July-Aug
Flavours Blackberry l Rhubarb l Rose 

I am beyond excited for this coffee!! A fully washed coffee from Brazil is a rarity, especially one of this quality. This coffee is clean and crisp with a lovely juicy acidity. It is bright and lively which in my opinion the best washed coffees should be. This is our first year working with Edivaldo Cunha and we hope to develop this relationship over many years to come.

From the importer:

Two years ago, Edivaldo's father retired and decided that he would no longer work with coffee. Edivaldo then took over the coffee production of his father’s farm, which at that point had little structure and prospect of production. With greater care, Edivaldo could improve the productivity of the coffee fields and in a conversation with a neighbor he learnt about the Side by Side project from FAF Coffees.

When he submitted a sample of his coffee to the project, Edivaldo discovered the potential of his coffee and the possibility to add value, which gave him courage and hope to continue the work. In one year, with the appreciation given to his coffee and the sales of the first bags, it was possible to have a return and investment. Thus, he could build raised beds for drying, invest in a pulping machine and in the implementation of new varieties on the property.

Already participating and winning regional competitions, Edivaldo is hoping to always improve: “What lies ahead is very exciting, with the new varieties and techniques that we have developed along the harvest seasons. This is just the beginning!”

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