El Salvador, Finca San Francisco - Gesha

Variety Gesha
Process Natural
Altitude 1300 masl
Harvest Sep - Oct
Flavours Red Plum l Red Grape l Cherry

Finca San Francisco is new to STC. Jose Omar Lemus is slowly replanting higher quality varieties as his old trees age out of production, with gesha chosen as one of the new varieties.

This gem of a coffee is explosively fruity. It makes me see flashes of purple, red, and yellow. It reminds me of Plum, Grape, and Cherry.

From Cafe Imports:

José Omar Lemus owns a farm called San Francisco, where he grows Pacas variety. 

This farm is only 2 hectares with 4600 trees planted. Jose has experimented with variety separations on his farm and spoke to us about treating each variety as a unique project from picking to processing.

Jose does all of his drying on raised African Beds. 

Jose said his goals for future harvests are to continue to pursue quality and replant varieties to replace aging trees, but not to increase total production, but rather just increase the overall quality of the harvest. 

Our green buying assistant Beto Reyes works closely on the ground with Jose and will taste harvests and offer any advice as he continues to revitalize his farm. 


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