Ethiopia Masha Woreda DECAF

Variety Various
Process Natural
Altitude 1650 - 1875 masl
Harvest Oct - Jan
Flavours Blueberry l Strawberry l Mango


No one should have to settle for mediocre decaf. Decaf should be great!! We truly believe that the decaf drinker should be able to enjoy a superior cup of coffee and it is our mission to bring you that coffee.  

This lot is a fruit bomb. It's really impressive that the fine folks over at Swiss Water Decaf have been able to retain the wonderful characteristics of this coffee throughout the decaf process.

From the Importer:

Ethiopian coffee producer Haile Gebrselassie isn’t just renowned for his athletic achievements—of which there are many. The Olympic running champion holds more than two dozen world records. He’s also known as one of the country’s most promising sustainable coffee producers.

Gebrselasslie’s farm occupies 1,500 hectares in Yeppo Village, Masha, Sidama, and was a gift to him from the Ethiopian government for his outstanding representation of the country on the world athletic stage. Of the allotment, 200 hectares have been dedicated as forest conservation lands, with the rest set aside for coffee production with an environmentally sensitive focus—adhering to both Organic and Rainforest Alliance standards.

Masha Woreda Yeppo Village sits between 1,650 and 1,875 masl and is carefully divided into 46 microlot farming areas to ensure full traceability of each variety. In addition to Gebrselassie’s environmental commitment, his farm offers local farmers in Yeppo Village opportunities to train in best agronomy practices and increase productivity and cup quality.

We find this natural process coffee beautifully represents the vibrant, fruit-forward possibilities of a classic Ethiopian natural, with a juicy, lively acidity in a creamy body.


Imported by Swiss Water
Price in CAN 6.89/lb
Number of bags purchased 2