Ethiopia Tsegaye Maka - SINGLE FARM
Variety Heirloom
Process Washed
Altitude 1800-2100 masl
Harvest December - February
Flavours Apricot I Lemon I Caramel
Recently the laws have changed in Ethiopia allowing the sale of Single Farm lots rather than being grouped together at Washing Stations and sold as a blend of multiple farms.
This is the first ever Single Farm lot on offer at STCBD and we couldn't be more excited to offer this exceptional Ethiopian coffee with enhanced traceability.
Tsegaye Maka is a 42 year old farmer in the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia. He has been in coffee since he was just 6 years old helping his parents with cultivation on their 19 hectare farm.
This coffee is wonderful. Super clean, bright and sweet with notes of Apricot, Lemon and Caramel. I hope you enjoy!
Imported by Keffa Coffee
Price in USD 4.15/lb
Number of bags purchased 4
 Our Score 88.5