Guatemala, Finca La Soledad - H1



Variety H1
Process Washed
Altitude 16 - 1900 masl
Harvest Nov - Jan
Flavours Apple l Peach l Cream

This was one of the first few farms I ever visited in my coffee life. I stayed on the farm in the Perez Family’s home and it was magic. It has taken a while to get my hands on their coffee and it has been %100 worth the wait. I am beyond excited to share this coffee with you.

This gem of a coffee is clean and complex. It gives me visions of green, red, yellow and orange. Reminds me of apples, stone fruit and cream. 

From Apex Coffee:

Finca La Soledad is located in the heart of the Acatenango region. Its unique microclimate and rich volcanic soil make a perfect combination for growing high-quality coffee with very distinct profiles. The farm is 90 hectares of land where 45 hectares are used for coffee production and the rest kept as a natural forest.

Henio and his two sons, Raul and Jose, have been working together with a focus on constantly developing and improving their processing standards to achieve the coffee's best quality potential. Finca La Soledad is well known for its attention to detail and for the longevity of its coffees.

They were rewarded multiple times in the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence and gained great respect and recognition in the whole coffee chain over time.

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