Inza Cup Double Pack

Inzá is a tiny municipality in the western part of the Cauca department in Colombia. The farmers in this area have small farms ranging from 1-10 hectares and produce a very limited number of bags. 

The first ever Inzá Cup was held last year in 2018. This competition was designed to highlight a growing region in effort to increase trade in that area. This event is also used to help farmers of this region understand quality by showcasing the practices of the winning farms and paying a premium for those exceptional lots of coffee.

We are happy to bring in Inzá Cup winning coffees for the second year in a row, in the competitions second year running. We love coffees from Inzá and hope to bring them in every year. This year we won lots #2 & #4 and we are stoked to offer them to you.

In this Inzá Cup Double Pack you get one 225g bag of the Inzá Cup #2 lot, and one 225g bag of Inzá Cup #4 lot. Try them side by side to experience the quality and variety that the Inzá municipality has to offer!