Kenya Thimu AA

Variety SL-28/SL-34/Batian/Ruiru11
Process Washed
Altitude 1300 - 1900 masl
Harvest June - August 
Flavours Blackberry l Lemon l Black Currant

Coming to us from Karinyaga County, this co-op is comprised of aprroximately 11,700 members. Thanks to the quality processing detailed below this coffee is bright, juicy and vibrant. Another fine offering from Keffa Coffee.

Timely and selective hand picking is carried out in Thimu. Cherry is delivered to wet mill the same day it is picked. Cherry sorting is carried out at the wet mill prior to the pulping. Red ripe cherries are separated from under ripe, over ripe and foreign matter. Processing utilizes clean water (wet processing) that is recirculated before disposal into seepage pits. Sun drying on raised tables is done before delivery of the coffee to the dry mill for secondary processing. 

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