Mexico, Alejandro Martinez

Variety Marsellesa
Process Hybrid Washed Process
Altitude 1200 masl
Harvest Nov - Mar
Flavours Hazelnut l Raisin l Chocolate

This gem of a coffee is warm and welcoming. It makes me see rich browns and soft caramel tones. Reminds me of eating a fruit and nut chocolate bar.

From Cafe Imports:

Alejandro Martinez Anaya owns a 250-hectare farm called San Jose, where he has 60 hectares planted with Anacafe 14 among other coffee varieties. On Alejandro's farm, the coffee is picked ripe and fermented in its cherries, for about 18 hours. It's depulped the following day and washed before being set to dry in a casa elba (rooftop drying structure) for 32 days.

Marsellesa is a hybrid cross of Villa Sarchi and Timor Hybrid selected for pedigree by ECOM-CIRAD in Nicaragua.

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