Myanmar Behind The Leaf

Variety %80 Red Catuaí
Process Anaerobic Natural
Altitude 1100 - 1650 masl
Harvest Feb - Mar 2021
Flavours Purple Grape l Dates l Purple Plum


Another first, a coffee from Myanmar!! Stoked to bring in yet another new origin for me and for Seth Taylor Coffee. Once again this is the first coffee I have had from Myanmar and it does not disappoint. It is fruity and fun.

The processing on this lot has had a dramatic impact. 24-hour whole cherry anaerobic fermentation in plastic tanks. It is intensely fruity, reminding me of a plum wine. Deep sweetness and loaded with the colour purple this is a big bodied syrupy coffee.

From the Importer:
Behind the Leaf is a project in Myanmar that fascinates us. Run by three amazing individuals and located outside of a small township called Pinlaung, the founder of the project is an American woman named Melanie Edwards. Melanie has been living in Southeast Asia for over a decade. She first moved there with the intention of bringing a sustainable source of clean water to remote areas in Thailand and, soon after, Myanmar.

Melanie runs two operations that function simultaneously. The first is a micro-mill called Behind the Leaf. Behind the Leaf's aim is to organize nearby villages, so they can produce coffee at a higher tier of quality and to educate them on the potential that this crop can yield. Many of the nearby Pa-O villages are not connected to stable power sources and do not have roadways. They are truly off the grid. On top of that, Myanmar is the second-largest producer of opium in the world. People like Melanie and her team are working to connect with these indigenous groups, to help them develop a more sustainable life.