Peru Finca Lauana
Variety Cuscatleco
Process Washed
Altitude 13 - 1600 masl
Harvest Mar - Sept
Flavours Tangerine l Milk Chocolate l Caramel


First ever offering from Peru and I'm super excited about it! The variety lineage is pretty cool. A robusta/arabica hybrid naturally occurring on the island of Timor is crossed with a Villa Sarchi, a natural bourbon mutation. There is a whole class of these varietals called Sarchimor which Cuscatleco fall under. Cuscatleco was grown in El Salvador and then found it's way to Peru.

From the importer:

This is our first year working with Finca Vidurrizaga in Pasco, Central Peru, and we’re off to a great start. A family estate, Finca Vidurrizaga’s four farms are owned by brothers Jhonny and Bernard Vidurrizaga and their father Wilfredo. While Finca Vidurrizaga’s official founding as a business was in 2014, the family’s history with the land is close to 100 years old, and the brothers are fifth generation coffee workers on both sides.

The farms are in the community of Villa Rica, which was founded in 1925 and belongs to the Biosphere Reserve of Oxapampa-Ashaninka-Yanesha, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. The core of Finca Vidurrizaga’s work is family, community, and preservation and investment of the local ecosystem. They prioritize native flora and fauna, soil care, and renewal of forest species. Everything they’ve built and advanced over the years, they credit to their community.

After witnessing some unusual processes in Colombia in 2013, the Vidurrizaga family began to experiment with lactic ferments to encourage new profiles. Getting started, their goal was only to learn and they tried everything. Lactic ferments yielded profiles of panela and sugar cane, which they spent many years refining and adjusting. Jhonny started taking courses, fermenting sauerkraut, wines, and kombucha. He began to understand the way the microbiome affects flavors and learn how to manipulate them in the coffee world. The coffees they produce now are varied, products not just of this rigorous experimentation but of the long, hard work of this community as a whole to preserve and protect this unique biosphere. They continue to push the limit and try new things.


    Imported by Red Fox
    Cost in USD 4.55/lb
    Number of bags purchased 10