The Honey Process 3-Pack
The Honey Process 3-Pack The Honey Process 3-Pack The Honey Process 3-Pack The Honey Process 3-Pack The Honey Process 3-Pack

Variety Catuaí
Process Honey
Altitude 1750 masl
Harvest Nov - Mar
Flavours Various


This is a Pre-Order Product.

Roasting November 29th.

Shipping November 30th.

This makes a great gift. Perfect timing for the coffee lover on your Christmas list!!

Coffee is a fruit. We call the fruit a coffee cherry. To get the seed, which is normally referred to as a bean, into a state that it can be roasted takes a few steps. There are a ton of different processing methods. You may be familiar with Washed or Natural Processes but today we are going to talk about the Honey Process.

The Honey Process involves removing the coffee cherry but leaving a portion of the sticky mucilage behind. The varying levels of mucilage left on the seed during drying creates the different kinds of Honey Process. We define these by colour, referring to the colour of the seed during drying.

Black Honey has the most, followed by Red, then Yellow and finally White with the least amount of mucilage left on the seed during drying. The change in flavour imparted by each colour Honey Process is remarkable.

Having the opportunity to taste these coffees side by side is a rare experience. It’s an exceptional way to showcase processing and it’s impact on the flavours in the cup.

This is The Honey Process 3-Pack: 3 x 225g bags of Honey Process coffees: Red, Yellow and White. All the same Catuaí varietal, grown and processed by Arturo Bonilla Chacón on his farm, Sol Naciente in Costa Rica.

From Arturo:

In our first year, something jumped on my back, when I noticed note that it was a green frog, the frog is endangered, that motivated me to keep working our coffee so environmentally friendly until today, and we feel happy when we see our farm full of animals, full of life.

The area of the farm where the honey processing has more fruit trees and luminosity, this helps to achieve more photosynthesis process that is combined in nutrients, this leads to the honey process they develop is more sweet and add more complexity in the cup.


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