Colombia El Uberrimo Natural


Variety Caturra
Process Natural
Altitude 2150 masl
Harvest Oct-Dec
Flavours Plum l Black Currant l Dark Chocolate

This coffee is part of a little collection of coffee from Finca El Ubérrimo in Nariño, Colombia. I brought in 3 lots, all caturra varieties, each with a different style of processing. This natural process lot is picked and then left to dry with the full coffee cherry encompassing the seed during drying. This process alters the cup profile resulting in big fruit flavours. WARNING! This one is funky. If fermentation is your thing, call bingo.

From the importer, Apex Coffee:

Francy and her four sisters grew up helping their parents at the coffee farm, which inspired her to major in Agronomy to provide support and management for the family business. She completed her university degree through distance learning all while working on her farm to pay for her studies. After graduating in 2019, she began working at the FNC as a Field Assistant around her hometown of Arboleda, Nariño.

She also gained experience in sensory development by working at a private export lab in Buesaco. In her own words, "I became even more interested in coffee and day by day I wanted to learn more about the beautiful world of coffee".

Once the buying program for Apex was established in Arboleda, farmers like Francy had a connection to the international market. Francy writes, "I heard a lot about your company and my new goal was to be able to reach you with coffee from our farm as a family and especially to be able to show the coffee our people from our municipality of Arboleda because we live far away from everything and our coffee has not been recognized".

Facilitating market access for farmers like Doña Francy is the primary goal of Apex and we're so proud to showcase her fantastic coffees to the world.

Francy writes:

"The process of a Natural Caturra coffee from the Ubérrimo farm begins when we carefully select ripe coffee cherries at their optimal state of maturation. After this, we float the cherries in a tank and take out the overripe ones. The water is then allowed to drain and the cherries are placed in bags for approximately 7 days or when the Brix degrees reaches 10°Bx. The cherries are taken to a patio where they are partially dried before we rest them on

lined patios for approximately 29 to 35 days. At this stage, we constantly monitor the moisture levels to ensure the coffees are drying properly."

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