Ecuador, Finca La Carolina - Sidra

Variety Sidra
Process Washed
Altitude 1300 masl
Harvest May - Aug
Flavours Vanilla l Honey l Hibiscus
This gem of a coffee is soft and floral. It makes me see pink and white. Reminds me of vanilla, honey and hibiscus. 

From the Cafe Imports:

Fausto Romo owns the 6-hectare farm Finca Carolina, where there are 3 hectares planted in coffee.

During some of our in person visits, Fausto credits much of his success to how well the variety “Sidra” performs in his region. Fausto is infatuated with the resulting flavor and aroma of this variety and says it seems to be meant to live in Ecuador. 

Fausto shared some of his origin story with us:

Originally I had 10 female cows and 1 bull.  They were pure bread Holstein cows from Colombia with a production of 140 liters per 2 weeks.  

Then I had an uncle who’s name was Olmedo Romo and he grew coffee.  One day he told me plant one hectare of coffee, Sidra is a good variety and I planted 3 hectares of Sidra then.

I then didn’t have money for the farm because I had to invest money for 2 years so I had to sell 5 cows.

When the coffee started to ripen. After 2 years the financial issues at home started to fade away because we had our coffee to sell.

It’s a very fulfilling day to see the trees flowering.  You can appreciate the aromas at a distance and you see the bees how they pick up the honey from the flowers.

When this coffee was first ready we did business with Café Imports.  Now I like to drink coffee, before I didn’t drink it, now I drink it every day, it’s delicious.


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