Guatemala, Los Conejos - DECAF

 Bourbon & Catuaí
 1625 masl
Nov - Apr
Red Grape l Red Apple l Raspberry


No one should have to settle for mediocre decaf. Decaf should be great!! We truly believe that the decaf drinker should be able to enjoy a superior cup of coffee and it is our mission to bring you that coffee.  

This gem of a coffee is juicy and fruity. It makes me see red. Reminds me of red grape, red apple & raspberry.

From Swiss Water:

One of the most exciting things about our Small Batch Series is the interest we’ve seen in high-quality, seasonal, and truly unique coffees that are now sought after as decaffeinated offerings. This growing appreciation for exceptional decaf has allowed us to deepen our relationships with longtime partners like Onyx Coffee, who’ve sourced this special coffee from Finca Los Conejos as part of their Gems Series.

This beautifully biodiverse farm in Santa Rosa de Lima, Guatemala was purchased by the Ordoñez-Montenegro family in 2014. As they settled into the land surrounded by old-growth pine forest, they moved the children's pet rabbits over to the new farmland—and the storybook name, Los Conejos, for “the rabbits”, came to be.

At first, just a small portion of Los Conejos was planted with new trees. When they began producing cherry, an allocation of that harvest (Catuaí and Bourbon) was reserved for natural processing, and the warm reception given to these naturals (such as this particular offering) inspired the family to invest more deeply in agricultural innovation.

The family has since planted numerous new varieties, from Mundo Novo to Gesha, and begun perfecting newer methods like anaerobic processing and carbonic maceration, along with their celebrated natural and honey processes. Coffee cherry here is measured with Brix refractometers to ensure optimal ripeness and sweetness before harvest, and the motivation for this hard work is clear in the cup. Los Conejos coffees have garnered attention in both regional and nationwide competitions in Guatemala, and the specialty audience has sat up to take notice.

In addition to biodiverse plantings (which include cypress and encino oaks, and fruit trees such as orange, lemon, loquat, jocote, and banana) and lush volcanic soil, Los Conejos practices multilayer cultivation, or polyculture. This approach improves the overall productivity of the farm, adds layers of income diversification, creates food security for the community, and engages long-term sustainability. Crops produce fruit at different cycles throughout the year, and animals need tending year-round. The farm is home to goats, chickens and (of course) rabbits, as well as bees for pollination and honey production. We're confident the richness of the landscape and the Ordoñez-Montenegro family's investment in the quality of their farm will shine through for all lucky enough to sample this exceptional decaf.

About Swiss Water:

Swiss Water® Process was designed as an alternative to using Methylene Chloride as a decaffeination solvent. We are fully committed to quality coffee, and we are committed to never using chemicals to remove caffeine. We proudly keep Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate out of our facility and away from your coffee.

Swiss Water® Process — 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination.

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