Panama, Black Moon Coffee - lot K24002

Anaerobic Natural
1700 masl
Plum l Watermelon l Lavender


This gem of a coffee is fruity and floral. It makes me see purple and pink. Reminds me of plum, watermelon and lavender.

From the Black Moon Family:

We are a regenerative agriculture farm located in the mountains of Alto Quiel, Boquete. Our main product is luxury quality coffee varieties like Geisha, Chiroso, and Pink Bourbon among others.

A black moon is a new moon, which is when the moon is perfectly aligned between the sun and the earth covering it entirely; this is a very rare phenomenon and only happens a few times in a lifespan. New moons are the symbol of a new beginning.

Our project is being developed on an old conventional vegetable farm with degraded and eroded soils. With our method of producing, we are going to restore the fertility and the microbial life of our soils.

The main goal of the farm is to fix as much carbon as possible, removing it from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil where it belongs by increasing the organic matter and the life of the soil. This method of farming is not only beneficial for the environment, but also profitable because it uses minimum quantities or no external supplies and diversifies the farm income by having several crops growing together. Everything is cyclical and everything is recycled. This year was our second coffee harvest and we are very excited with the extraordinary quality of our Geishas. 

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